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honestly there is a lot of oblivious arthur but everytime i see something with merlin it's just tooooooooooooooo funny

YES YES OMG YESSSS MAKE IT HAPPEN BBC | Merlin | Once and future king

What I would give to see this happen. <<<<< "You want me to take off the chainmail. We don't really fights with swords anymore.

Finale series of Merlin poster - what is with Arthur's face?

HD Wallpaper and background photos of season 4 merlin poster realesed! for fans of Merlin on BBC images.

He plays himself as well. Katie McGrath and Eoin Macken, from BBC Merlin.

Katie McGrath and Eoin Macken playing themselves on Merlin. That's a pretty accurate description of Gwaine.

"How small you are for such a great destiny." -Kilgharrah

The dragon from BBC TV series Merlin. Voiced by John Hurt.

Merlin will win every time.

This is probably my favorite Merlin pin ever. Harry Potter/Voldemort and Merlin crossover

“I’m not the only one seeking to protect you. There are many more who believe in the world you are trying to create. One day you will learn, Arthur. One day you will understand just how much they’ve done for you.” -Gauis

BBC Merlin's Merlin (Colin Morgan) // I think I just recast my story's Merlin

Knights of the Ping Pong Table

DHS Ping Pong Paddle A4006, Table Tennis Racket - Penhold

Who needs jousting when you have a ping pong table backstage? Knights of the Ping pong table. it's alive vs dead.