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McCarthy Salad from the Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

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LA’s Best New Ramen Is Totally Vegan

One of LA’s Best Ramen Bowls Is Totally Vegan

Its wildly tasty broth—thickened with sunflower seeds—and its sinewy, pork-like oyster mushroom nubs are so good that it just might make you give up pork.

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SFV Places to Grub

The San Fernando Valley's 23 essential restaurants, fall 2017

Everyone has been to Little Tokyo, and the South Bay is known as a hot bed for Japanese food in Los Angeles. But what most folks don't realize is that there's a strong Japanese food scene in the San Gabriel Valley and it's growing in quantity and quality with time.

Japanese restaurants are popping up all over the San Gabriel Valley, as restaurateurs cater to a clientele willing to splash out on premium seafood.