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You don’t say Meme Collection.....the last one killed me lol

You Dont Say, AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I'm not a fan of this kind of humor (it think it gets annoying in real life unless everyone's in the mood), but the "You don't say" Nick Cage meme has got to be the funniest meme ever. I couldn't stop laughing.

Best 50+ Funniest Memes Collection

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Best Funniest Memes Collection [ People That Had One Job and Still Failed Miserably -", "Best Funniest Memes Collection This is the funniest thing

Meme Collection - Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

Funny pictures about Unexpected Road Trip Surprise. Oh, and cool pics about Unexpected Road Trip Surprise. Also, Unexpected Road Trip Surprise photos.

Funny animals have always been an internet sensation. They've got what it takes to make us laugh, especially when they're turned into memes. Here are our collection of the most funny moments of animals of the internet.

20 Super Funny Animal Memes

Httyd meme collection 8 by nightfuryfire2 on @DeviantArt

A series of Toothless pictures, mainly cute. And then a relatable Hiccup picture at the bottom.

frozen knock knock

15 Jokes And Memes That Only True Frozen Fans Will Love

You don’t say meme – Road Closed

There's a sign on a two lane highway going down to Castle Rock saying Slow vehicles stay in the right hand lane. It's a two lane highway. It doesn't have a right hand lane.