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My favorite crystal because it will help me with my premonitions and ease my indecisive behavior.if you're wondering why I said "it will", it's because I'm ordering my first amethyst bracelet online soon.

Kirk Kara Dahlia Marquise Shape Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring · K1120ADC-R · Ben Garelick Jewelers USE CODE "PIN10" to SAVE 10% off your purchase at checkout - $2990

Kirk Kara "Dahlia" Marquise Cut Purple Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring

Purple dreams come true with the exceptional Kirk Kara "Dahlia" Marquise Shaped Purple Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain Details - Style

Yeah tall amethyst <3

Amethyst: "Donuts and fighting and Steven and burgers, shifting and long hair and Sugilite. Sneakers and Bismuth and smashing things, these are a few of my favorite things.

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Amethyst. wards off evil and absorbs negative energy. I have one placed on every windowsill in my house :)

Nature is very inspiring. If you have trouble picking a color scheme, look to nature. Every leaf, stone, and flower has a variety of colors if you look closely.

Antique Art Deco 1918 14k Gold Seed Pearl Amethyst Cocktail Ring.

It wants to jump on my ring finger - Antique Art Deco Gold Seed Pearl Amethyst Cocktail Ring.

Pin for Later: Proof That All Brunettes Can Rock Amethyst Hair

Proof That All Brunettes Can Rock Amethyst Hair

What better way to give yourself a brand new hair look than by changing the color entirely. These 25 amazing blue and purple hair looks are perfect! With darker blue


lol BLOOMING Work Of Art - Milgrain Flower Rose Lotus ring. I would be perfectly happy with no diamonds on the band though. It is so beautiful

Day 105: Bunny Cuddling by Artistic-Winds on DeviantArt>>>SEE I LIKE THE NICE COMMENTS THAT DONT RUN YOU OVER WITH THE FEELS TRAIN

Day Bunny Cuddling by Artistic-Winds on DeviantArt Bunny! Bunny do you remember me? Bunny come back!(from one of TobyTurners vines for all the idiots out there) XD

It's basic Spanish don't worry

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It's basic Spanish don't worry. Chickas esta es mi novia: (translation) girls, this is my girlfriend (i love the whole meet the family thing) <<<<<< Thx