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The Dappled Willow or Variegated Patio Willow makes a perfect accent tree growing to 6-8 feet at maturity. Description from etsy.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Dappled Willow Tree A stunning variegated willow tree! One of the most striking ornamental trees! Pretty pink shoots are show-stoppers. Variegated leaves are creamy white and green. Plant in sun or partial shade. We send 2 - whips.

OUTDOOR KITCHEN PLAN AND DETAILS;    This article is about how to build an outdoor kitchen. In this diy project, we will show you how to build a beautiful outdoor kitchen from scratch, in which you can enjoy both  cooking your favorite food and having dinner with your family or friends

Outdoor kitchen plans with pizza oven structured from brick-concrete cement hardwood wooden lath marble concrete firewood storage gas cooker kitchen sink faucet napkins hanger coal shovel outdoor kitchen plans with pizza oven

Surgical Ponytail Scrub Hat Pattern Bing Images or scrub hats

Surgical Ponytail Scrub Hat Pattern Bing Images or scrub hats

I am obsessed with old farm houses!Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas.

Abandoned house in Fort Worth, Texas - The intricate details of just the outside of this abandoned beauty is so beautiful. So sad and such a waste.

bird silhoutte printable - Bing Images    print on burlap or sheet music

Painted fabric throw pillows!

Snowman Paintings On Canvas - Bing Images. Maybe set this lower on the canvas with more black sky & the words Praise him or Praise the newborn king

Joyful snowman - handpainted Christmas art - wall hanging plaque - with greeting - "JOY". Would make a great Christmas card!

Deity of the Day for Thursday, April 14th is Hel, Ruler of Helheim | Witches Of The Craft®

The Goddess Hel of Norse Mythology - is the Norse goddess of the dead, ruler of the nine worlds of the Land of Mist, Niflheim or Niflhel, located in the far north-- a cold, damp place that is home to frost giants and dwarves.