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OUAT - Great Cast of younger versions of the characters

OUAT - Great Cast of younger versions of the characters

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Anyone understand why They basically only froze the apple and put Icicles on season Why not fully change it?

I just about died because i had been waiting for that moment ever since tallahassee. >>i may ship captain swan hard, but this scene was so emotional and i loved neal!

Once upon a time - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - Michael Raymond-James - Neal Cassady- Bealfire - OUAT - SwanFire - SwanThief

Once Upon A Time; Character Developement. Regina and Snow White.

Here you can definitely see how much Regina has grown. She wanted to help Snow and Charming and she felt so sorry for them. She felt hurt about what happened ♡

Belle & her Disney counterpart.

Belle In OUAT & Beauty and The Beast. ”No one decides my fate but me.

Its true. Trying to explain it to ppl who don't watch makes you sound like you have your fairytales mixed up, badly.

Reasons to watch OUaT omg Lana Emilie and Hook hahahahahhahah