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The Paris Time Capsule Apartment…

Funny pictures about The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. Oh, and cool pics about The Paris Time Capsule Apartment. Also, The Paris Time Capsule Apartment.

abandoned buildings | Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker abandoned-buildings-mathias ...

aged architecture art - With his talented photography skills and some choice lighting, Matthias Haker turns decrepit and abandoned buildings into halls fit for kings with .

abandoned books

Abandoned bookcase inside Manor G, UK. I'm getting the unreasonable anxiety to save the BOOKS! For goodness sake, save the books!


Architecture on

an abandoned villa in Tuscany, Italy. This one hurts my heart. This ceiling alone is incredible. And of all places, Tuscany? What a waste. This is beautiful


Various works by Matthias Haker Matthias Haker is a German-based photographer well-known for his photos of erudite, abandoned locations. Haker chooses to keep the locations obscure to prevent.

"Stained" by Timothy Neesam on Flickr - This is the stained glass in a church in Michigan.

Beautiful stained glass window in an abandoned church in Detroit. I have seen this church in one of the paranormal investigations on TV, They made a comment about the wonderful stain glass windows.

Gorgeous ruin

Belgian artist Jonas De Ro received a master's degree in fine arts. This is an artist of our time, which is professionally engaged in digital painting.

old wheel against a barn

old wheel against a barn