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sexy "christianity". — kyledonn.com

sexy "christianity". — kyledonn.com


My grandaddy used to sing this song all the time. Oh how I miss how he would sit at the kitchen table at home and sing and sip his coffee as he prepared to lead the singing at church on Sunday mornings.

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How to make time for Jesus in college and beyond. Tips for balancing college life and Jesus. Don't try to work God into your schedule. Instead, work your schedule around God.

If She Only Knew - Thoughts on Modesty and Beauty | 'He had to turn away from her beauty. He was missing out on her loveliness because she was showing him more than he was meant to see.'

If She Only Knew - Thoughts on Modesty and Beauty ~ Time-Warp Wife - Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve

True..But I, personally am anti-homosexual.. NOT against the person, just the act.

So very true! My non-support of gay marriage doesnt make me anymore anti-gay than it makes you anti-straight. I simply just disagree.

Benjamin Franklin.   He was born in Boston, but he did not like it there.   So he went to Philadelphia, and got off the boat.   He bought...

Read this to know if you're dating a Godly man. Enduring Affection: 4 Benchmarks: How a Godly Man Dates a Woman

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Christians are starving to death, and Hollywood doesn’t feed them real food. They feed them stale rice cakes packaged in films like Heaven is For Real.


Don't pursue a relationship. Pursue God first, and you will find a godly man or woman running alongside you.