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No one, not even....

No one, not even.... - 9GAG

Space rape is a serious epidemic that is infecting our universe.

Don't watch this show but this is good!


Funny pictures about Such an adorable parasite. Oh, and cool pics about Such an adorable parasite. Also, Such an adorable parasite.

my siblings and i fighting . . .

Oh boy!that's funny :-) I run into people at work I want to "high five" in the face some times :-S

Lol it's probably the latter of them for me.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

throat punch - Google Search

I literally catch myself misusing the word "literally" literally all the time.

Hells yea! haha

Funny pictures about Hipster Belle. Oh, and cool pics about Hipster Belle. Also, Hipster Belle photos.

Smooth come-on fail

From the R Kelley (sp) playbook

Book Jacket, Book Cover Art

Though I knew this as a little kid, it really didn't matter. I was safer with that closet shut. :)

Close the closet door? Anything that can kill you can open that door. Lol I never thought of that before.