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A Guy Made Perfect Valentine's Day Cards For "Hamilton" Fans

"I imagine us boinkin' so much it feels like a memory.

So how'd do it? How'd you graduate so fast? // Alexander Hamilton

So how'd do it? How'd you graduate so fast? // Alexander Hamilton<<"he looked at me like I was stupid, I'm not stupid." My whole life

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Finals are killing me. Here’s a few motivational Hamilton drawings for anyone else in Final hell.

CUTIES!!! :))) this whole "theater" board (that is supposed to be theater stuff in general) is mostly just hamilton..... Are you guys upset about that?

Imagine bringing them to your family dinner and you have to explain to your parents why you have 5 guys and a girl coming over

Hamilton fan art. There are really amazing artists out there.

There are really amazing artists out there. Obviously gryffindor

Amazing art by Kendra W. I've had this as the background on ym for for months. Hamilton, Burr

I'm Willing To Art Print

Aaron Burr fan art, Hamilton he's Slytherin, just like yours truly.

Me! This is what happens if I do some awkward in front of a guy I like!

Jeff was actually pretty awkward, like amazingly introverted and definitely not good at public speaking. Although relatable, still quite the asshole