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Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla planifolia

Botanical Illustrations Douglas Schneider

Genuine vanilla comes from Vanilla orchids (Vanilla Planifolia being the most commonly grown species). These orchids are vines, and need to cling on to something (such as a tree or a pole) in order to grow. The fruit of the orchids is mostly referred to

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vanilla, Vanilla NA, Seychelles,

Vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia)

The fermented pod of this climbing orchid is harvested from the Vanilla Vine, an aromatic sweet scents used to flavour cakes, and perfumes.

The Vanilla Orchid: Vanilla planifolia

The Vanilla Orchid: Vanilla planifolia. ~ Vanilla oil comes from the fruit ("beans") of the Vanilla planifolia plant. It has a sweet scent~ Vanilla oil is often used in perfumery, but not often used in aromatherapy.


a 1574 New Caledonia - Lifou - Easo - Vanilla Plant