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55 - A Tourist Map of Gotham

A map of Gotham City in the DC Universe, drawn by Eliot R Brown. This map first appeared in Batman: No Man's Land (Mar with gang territories marked out on it; this cleaner version is from Gotham Batman: City Secret Files (Apr

Decalideas Batman Gotham City Skyline City Buildings Sticker is High Quality non Toxic Eco Friendly Vinyl Wall Decal. - My favorite Batman deco room I've seen so far.

What Does Gotham City *Really* Look Like?

Cool Stuff: Official Map of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City – /Film

DIY Gotham City backdrop & superhero capes

Superhero gotham city, we could do the bat signal except with first grade or our names for each of our classes!

Gotham City Mugshots by Fabio Costalonga on imgfave. I love this interpretation of the Joker - it combines his design in "The Dark Knight" with his design in the comics and cartoons.

Batman Urbanism: Detailed Maps of Gotham City

Nolan Gotham Map Gotham The city planners must have been drunk when they mapped this one out.