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The 2008 Democratic Convention turned into a rave with Nancy Pelosi leading with her techno chicken dance.


Simple animations will help you understand the complex machines such as radial engines, sewing machines, ammunition, V type engine, etc.

Gran Torino, parce que c’est tourné à Detroit, ville qui m’a fasciné, capitale de mecs et de bagnoles, et parce que ma fille m’a emmené en 2011 sur le lieu de tournage principal, devant les 2 maisons, restaurées depuis.

My good friend Tony Green using his God given talents of art and music to help inform the public of the real world.

Drone technology has come a long way over the last couple of years. Yuneec's drone is quite amazing.

3 Rules for Growing Out Your Beard

SELF DEFENSE Techniques from GERALD CELENTE - Simple But Effective

Canadian Forces - Anniversary of D-Day - 2014 (Ranville, France)

A film from Gatebil, Rudskogen in Norway July Gatebil is a crazy event with awesome cars, great drivers and party animals! Fredric Aasbø in his Toyota .

would be shoplifter confronted by store owner and decides to pull a knife.that's when the store owners training in MMA kicked in and he landed a shot to the thief's jaw, then disarmed him of the

-- Hawaii Lava melts metal -- Flows onto pavement (color composite)