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Dogs : Dog Breeds, Working Dogs The Working Dogs group consists of dog breeds that were selectively bred to carry out roles such as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc.

Weimaraner - Stump Update

like my Plav

Weimaraner Puppy Picture

A blue Weim pup, Just like my Rocky! Great dogs too!


weimaraner, my dream dog!

If we're talking about my perfect patio, then I'd have to have a little Weimaraner puppy to keep me company.

I love weimaraner puppies!

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Strapping lad. weimaraner ready for action

weimaraner ready for action



Craig Koshyk Photo.

Pointing Dogs Volume One: The Continentals

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The BEST picture of Mooey, hands down

"Weimaraner"...the color you get when you mix all the other colors together.

I love Weimi's!

Fotogalerie - unsere Weimaraner und WelpenWeimaraner von Weikl

Blue and grey Weimaraner pups

Weimaraner female dog :)

Weimaraners - I want one so badly!

Weimaraner pup

Weimaraner puppy, my dream dog! (after my lovey macy of course :)

For Me!!  Weimaraner.....when we have a home....

Art Weimeraner animals-i-adore

Weimaraner puppeh

Weimaraner Pup ~ Classic Look