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i should be asleep, but there are a lot of things i should be. all the time.

comment on who you got!:    i got lil wayne and i feel like i would commit suicide before staying on that island.

I got Channing Tatum, I love him especially in she's the man!>>>> I got Ryan Gosling! Not bad though I would've liked Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence.

I don't always go to Lima But when I do, I go to Kewpee!

The Most Interesting Man In The World - i dont always eat bath salts but when i do, i eat people

Happens all the time!

funny quote - Don't text me while I'm in the middle of texting you. Now I have to change my text. Every single time!

Yeah that will probably be my kid

Funny pictures about Aggressive driver. Oh, and cool pics about Aggressive driver. Also, Aggressive driver.

Column...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAG!!!! *chokes* *falls over* *my cat just watches as I die of laughter*

Column Hood>> i have a cousin named Colin and whenever i say his name, i end up saying Calum lol