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Thank you Xmas I'm now just a few weeks away from living within a mile of the ocean. I just love a happy ending and never having to deal with dating and winters in Chicago the rest of my life.

Facts on Facts...

The older I get the more selective I am of who is in my tribe. This Pin was discovered by Studio Slay

Enough!  See my board: A Recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

A time comes in your life when you finally get it. When in the midst of all your fears & insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out, ENOUGH!


I first read this in a store that had a huge selection of wall sticker quotes for little girls, all were very mushy and beautiful. This was the only one for my new 4 lb boy in the NICU. Not funny at the time.but boy oh boy, did he grow to show me it is


"Sometimes saying sorry is not enough" Actions speak louder than words!

Best thing I have read yet, so sad but oh so true! Print this out and tape it on the fridge - a reminder of just how heartless & cruel both life and shallow people can truly be. Then, take a deep breath and smile to yourself. Be glad that you came out the other-side of this emotional roller coaster as intact as the Fates have allowed!

SO THEN YOU SMARTEN UP- (ie: Just hope you haven't lost yourself too much during the duration of your trust. It takes a long time to recover. ) True words slap you in the face and wake you up to what you deserve like this quote from Rob Hill Sr.

What you want

Id really like to believe this is true, so I am all ears and just waiting, cause I am about to move real far where is warm