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FAMOUS to krótkie imaginy z gifami. To ty jesteś główną bohaterką! Po… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

FAMOUS [imagify] ✔

You don't even have to listen to the video to know that Luke said that in a every diva voice

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"Hey Im Luke Hemmings. Im the lead singer for a band. Im a outgoing party guy, and love my sister, and friends. Im never shy, and get along well with most people.

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Dose any one see that like wear the same shirt ?but yet I love my dorks Jenkins Jenkins Irwin Paton Paton Hood Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings Dussert Dussert Clifford

Omg can't deal.......just died

Ashton´s got that kinda Special smile i love so much on a guy, it´s rare though, that´s why it´s so Special to me. His laugh does things to my heart

all 5sos songs! I really wish that some of these would get on an album and STUDIO VERSIONS

all songs! I really wish that some of these would get on an album and STUDIO VERSIONS>>>I didn't even know about some of these.I feel ashamed:(

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Oh shit. why did I repost this XD! Ahhhh oh well, might as well accept it. it is what it is XD<oops my finger slipped about fifty times.oh well

Luke is something else

you're a special boy Luke Hemmings "Getting some air" "The edits that will be created" 5 Seconds Of Summer this makes me happy omg hAHahAAhahahHAHA

Looks like my so done mother! I've sent her too many pins. I think she's blocked me now. Oh well, whatevah. #GLA

i literally was showing my mom pictures of michael yesterday like this is scarily accurate<<<<this is so true I was showing my mom pictures of all 4 boys and this was her reaction and I was like mother appreciate them!they are beautiful!

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Is it wired that after I read this, I made the llama hand, turned it to my face, and made the face Ash is making. Don't judge me, you did the same. it's true