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Pretty incredible really.

Repost if you also have nothing ... or, ya know, like if you have a jar of dirt.

:'c I put this in role models, because it's 3 of my utmost favorite things in it: Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spongebob.

Heh so true

Always one direction<<or magcon boys<<<< no. It's always One Direction

Oh my gosh. Yes! Since when is it a crime to like One Direction? I feel like I'm a criminal listening to them at school, and even doing stuff like this sometimes! It's kind of sad. Why aren't we allowed to like what makes us happy? Why is it so wrong? You can like the rapper that beats up his girlfriend, but we can't like the band that sings for charities and visits hospitalized children? It doesn't make sense to me. Why do they make fun of us?

It's honestly probably the worst thing people could say to insult you. Talk about me all you want to, but they actually make me happy unlike most people.

imma be honest here... my mom knows all the lyrics to every song... bc of me! best mother ever! i love her so much.

im proud to say my mom and dad (mostly my dad) can sing one direction songs. my dad particulary knows all the words to little black dress, and knew what song it was by the first few seconds.

Best of One Direction Memes | Cambio Photo Gallery

Best of One Direction Memes

Because I will ALWAYS put my friends first! I seem heartless and cruel, but I just don't show emotion because then I can protect the people I love and not lose!