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thebirdfromthemoon-art: “I’m all about Adrienette this month, I think i’m just in need of some sweetness ” This struck me right in my shipper heart. You’re beautiful.

Laisse moi essayer S'il est encore temps S'il te reste du temps Au moins essayer Le extrema autrement Ou juste me laisser Encore du temps pintura rápida porque escuchando viejas canciones musicales francés está inspirando bien?  por cierto que es la canción: ...

French girl/ first year art student in Marseille, France/ Like cartoons and potatoes/ Have.

adrian, marinette, chatnoir, ladybug, miraculousladybug

adrian, marinette, chatnoir, ladybug, miraculousladybug I laughed maybe a little to hard

Lady noir

"I can't lose you" Marinette and Adrien Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir Cat Noir

i imagine Marinette to be very flexable XD

I love the idea of them being bffs and marionette is like. make time for volpina? make time for Alya? And Alya is the same way<<<<<<< lol<<<<<< they should make the reveal episode like this!