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Looks like Cassie found a little friend to make angst poses with.

Looks like Cassie found a little friend to make angst poses with. <<< this would totally happen if Misha OR Cas finds a stray cat on the street

OMG this is hilarious fanart

Haha lol so true! (for those who don't know, "gesundheit" is the german word for "bless you")

And [Dean randomly dies in the shower]

Top one is my favorite.also "stares enviously at Sam's hair" and "yawns emotionally". My favorite isn't on there though. "Dean randomly dies in the shower.

The Gate To Hell! Checked this out on Google Maps; it's for real. The Gate to Hell is at a Walmart, southeast of Phoenix, Arizona.

It's a demon trap made of Outback Steakhouse.aaaand Walmart is the gate to hell.


All I saw when it was turned upside down was Dean pulling Cas down from heaven or out of a tree or something lol

best version of jingle bells ever

SPN Christmas song I pinned this cuz my vocal teacher made us start singing christmas song and I was like ummm, Hell no, and then I saw this. And I was like BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER!


wifihunters: “I heard this guy had an appreciation week that i missed out on which is really a crime ”

Dean + kids ♥ ♥ ♥ excuse me while i swoon

Dean and Kids.always makes my heart melt he is such a father figure. it makes sense though considering he was a father figure to Sam growing up.