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Dragonfly story - love this story. Life after Death. Why I want a Dragonfly tattoo

Life after Death Dragonfly story - love this story, especially to help children deal with death & dying.

The dragonfly story! read it!

After Bennett died, when I got home from the hospital, a dragonfly was constantly hovering over my car in the driveway.

The Spring after my Dad passed, I was at the cemetery putting flowers on his grave. A Dragonfly landed on the flowers I just put out. I put my hand next to it and it jumped to my hand. I held it for a f


Dragonflies Symbolize the change in perspective of yourself. You're becoming a new evolved version of yourself

Dragonfly change theory. (c) Eva Lynn Cowell 2011

Dragonfly characteristics: Illumination and light, Accepting and adaptable, Transformative, and Harmonious

Dragonfly Meaning: I love this because of my dragonfly tat :)

The dragonfly s my signature insect and my good luck charm :) The meaning fits me to a tee, thus my dragonfly tattoo!