Grating - we need one of these boxes.

Concordia Montessori (NE) is now Enrolling students aged years old for Fall 2011 (school in upper left corner) State Certified Concordia Montessori Concordia Montessori in NE Portland is an enriching community for students aged - 6 years old.

let the children play: geo boards made by the children

playground- Make your own Geo boards. What a great use for Tree Cookies on the preschool playground - natural play, math, and woodworking all in one activity!

Montessori Messy: Turkey Baster Transfer Work

Of Turkey Basters and Neon Food Coloring: Re-newing a Toddler's Interest in Water Transfer and Pouring Works

Spooning Jewels ~ Tot Tray #tottray #totschool

We added spooning jewels into mini tea light holders, this was by far his FAVORITE tray of the week.