Ladies and gentlemen, I present to u: the worst book of all time!!!

Death Cure (The Maze Runner)

Maze Runner The Death Cure Paperback – 2 Oct 2013

I can't help but notice Newt's jealousy in this part when Thomas and Aris are starring at each other in The Scorch Trials. ♡ Newtmas/ The Maze Runner

I can't help but notice Newt acts a bit jealous here . why, Newt? Are you worried someone's gonna steal your Tommy from you?

HAHAHAHA haha ha, ha... *cries*

Me I'm with the fandom group

The Kill Order (The Maze Runner)

The Kill Order (The Maze Runner)

The Kill Order (Maze Runner Series) by James Dashner

Dylan O'Brien - NEW The Death Cure bts

Soooooo excited for the death cure!

@TerrenK17 @theloneranger98 we noticed this when we watched it!!

Selecting The Right Sports Watch

I noticed this in the movie and started freaking out

First and last words | The Maze Runner | The Scorch Trials | The Death Cure

First and last words The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials The Death Cure

Made this edit after I found a pic with those words on it. It has my Instagram watermark on it because I didn't make one for Pinterest :P

The Maze Runner Newt Shuck no

⚠!!!SPOILER!!!⚠ | The Death Cure | Chuck, Newt, Teresa

Teresa deserves respect because she sacrificed her self to Tom stay alive,if you don’t like her you are stupid

Thomas Brodie Sangster

Thomas interviews are uh interesting

The Maze Runner

Book collage on The Maze Runner by James Dashner Probably the last collage for a while because I’m super lazy y'know…Uni and stuff. See the rest of my Book Collages HERE

Omg, this is exactly how I imagined this scene.. Obviously not with stick figures

Day 27 - Favourite Scene in The Scorch Trials : The part after they got through the flat trans with that head eating metal stuff. It was really exciting and I love Thomas for trying to help everyone who got hurt there.

Idiot Tommy. But in the end it worked out. NOT

What happens when someone disobeys Newt? Ya'll didn't listen to Newt where is he now TOMMY?

Stiles and danny. Classic teen wolf #mademyself

Stiles and danny. I died at this scene XD

the maze runner

the maze runner

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