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R.m Drake

~the unintended muse~ And for once I didn't know where to begin. I felt like I've been looking for a love that I've already lost" r.

Robert M Drake

I listen to myself, but at times the things you tell yourself to do are literally impossible. Not that you wait till it is to late, yet your held captive till it is to late.

R.m drake

Another one of those "you can't control others, you can only control yourself" corollaries. And those are among the most difficult things in life to deal with - at least for me.

The truth is...

It's not about attention money things ,it's your pins you sound like Hashaam brands money clothes too shallow I am not looking for that

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The most dangerous lover is one who greets pain with a smile - rm drake

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Love...a powerful 4 letter word.

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R.M drake

You will never recognize happiness if you have never danced the night away with sorrow.

too slow & too fast.

r.m. drake