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Dharma yoga wheel practice- flexibility Yoga by Nikki jo

Dharma yoga wheel practice- flexibility Yoga by Nikki jo - Yoga Slim Burn

Do Yoga and enjoy life

yoga means listening to my body and learning to accept the Self. Don't overdo things or even do things that will eventually harm you, be it physically or mentally. So. Do Yoga and Enjoy Life. :) my motto ❤️

The Santosha Niyama- acceptance of life, of ourselves and whatever is going to come.

Planning to start a new workout routine in the new year? Start with the simple tips in this guide to choosing a yoga or exercise class that fits your personality—so you can revitalize your mind, body, and health!

Tante persone trascorrono gran parte della giornata in ufficio, diventa importante quindi, renderlo confortevole ed accogliente. Inserire il verde in ufficio, è una scelta ottimale, per combattere l’inquinamento e lavorare in un ambiente più sano e pulito, senza rinunciare all’aspetto estetico. Chi lavora in un luogo ricco di piante respira aria più pulita e salubre e si sente più rilassato e soddisfatto rispetto alle persone che trascorrono la giornata lavorativa in uffici privi di piante.

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Can yoga relieve the pain and disability associated with low back pain?

Yoga helps people bring balance to their lives, keep their minds employed, improve concentration and helps cope with and fight Alzheimer's.