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When things attack!

When statues attack. (think of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who "Blink")

I don't watch the Kardashians but I probably should start just because of this guy by dawn.cobb.68

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. Get this man a show already. I dont like the Kardashian klan, but god bless them for giving us Scott.

funny text message can't stick out tongue and look at ceiling

I tried out multiple times before reading I AM an idiot. My mom just looked at me like I was some idiot WHICH I AM

follow metalcoremuke เผถโœฉเผถ

This moon looks like Michael Clifford to me. Best moon ever but it's missing some colorful hair.<<<<I think it looks like Miranda Cosgrove.

This was me except it wasnot a date and i didnt stalk him online. i had just found out his middle name, he still doesnt know how though and he never will

The year of TMI:

*first date* To self: okay don't let them know I stalked them on time. Them: My aunt-- Me: Theresa or Sharon?