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In hard times she had learned three things -

In the hard times she had learned three things. She was stronger than she ever imagined. Jesus was closer than she ever realized, and she was loved more than she ever knew.

Worship shifts your focus from the problem to the problem solver…

Dear Lord, thank you for my job. Please help me stay focused ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.

Prayer Of The Day – Busy Work Days --- Dear Lord, Thank you for my job. Not just the work I do in my job, but at home as well. The days have been so busy and I am trying not to feel overwhelmed.

Look above

If what's ahead scares you and what's behind hurts you then look above for God will never fail you.

Baby shout

One day I was so joyful in IHOP that this lady told me, "I looked so happy, and it made her smile." I told her, " God is sooo good, I can't stop.


Don't look to the world to get your identity. Pursue Jesus that He might reveal it to you. You, beloved, are made in the image of the glorious God.

When does God hear your prayers? Here are 10 promises from His Word. More