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so you were the side bitch's side nigga

I really don't know why I found this funny

One of these days right in the kisser. I threw a yearsago audit . One of these days right in the kisser I threw a yearsago audit !

For my fellow Pioneers

You make the best of friends with those who have the same goals as you and those who have the pioneer spirit! (Pioneers are part or full time JW evangelizers)

What? No, never! Well.... ok yeah, true story.

Funny pictures about How I eat fries. Oh, and cool pics about How I eat fries. Also, How I eat fries photos.

Yeah, bitch! CloTi FTW! I just ship them so HARD...*tears in eyes*


A Skinhead John Travolta meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

BBQ Bacon Sushi... I think I would cook the bacon in the microwave for 2 minutes prior to rolling it, to assist the bacon in getting that crispy quality.

Wrap Ground Beef Around Cheese Sticks To Make This Unique Sushi Treat

BBQ Bacon Sushi : COOK WITH MEAT - Put 6 bacon slices on a sushi rolling mat, season the minced beef with your favourite BBQ rub and apply a thin layer of meat on the bacon.

Supermarket Sweep - best 30 minutes of afternoon TV during summer vacation

New TLC show makes my heart long for 'Supermarket Sweep'

Supermarket Sweep - loved this show! But never understood the rules

The king of the pop...

Michael Jackson - Rock With You. I think one of the most accurate ways to judge somebody is based on their 5 favorite Michael Jackson songs.

How to draw Batman.

How to draw Batman.

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