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Sick and really weak...tear open this steel package for medicine.

Sick and really weak.tear open this steel package for medicine.

Pretty much, yes. And yes, there's always hand sanitizer in my purse! Shoot.

The main ingredient in hand sanitizer is paranoia - boy am I paranoid. Although I have stepped it down quite a few notches from the way I was when I had preemies!

Or the person who taught my child to "pop" gum as they chew it.  Or the people who to say "like" as part of a verb phrase; "well I'm like going to go shopping."


Whistle or Any toy that makes noise and runs on batteries.

It's been discovered that 1% of the population is allergic to gluten and 99% of the population is sick of hearing about it  Gluten Free

Sick of Hearing About Gluten Free Diets? Don't stop talking about gluten intolerance.

bad jokes are my favorite

What if soy milk is just regular milk. introducing itself in Spanish?

Wonder if clouds look at us and say

LOL I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say "Hey look.that one is shaped like an idiot." - Post by satan on Boldomatic