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Mealworm Flour

Mealworm Flour

A high protein, healthy fat and nutrient dense food. You can add it to your regular glutenous flours for extra protein and nutrition or in combination with gluten.

Paleo diet food benefit: The Paleo Diet is known to foster weight loss, improve heart health, and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Next Millennium Farms:: Leading The Protein Revolution :: cricket Flour, mealworm Flour, dried insects, live insects

Cricket flour - Dr. Axe http://www.draxe.com #health #holistic #natural

Cricket Flour Has 3x More Protein Than Steak

Future Of Food | Entomo Farms http://entomofarms.com/ All about cricket flour and #cricketpowder #insectproetin #ediblebugs edible insects

Future Of Food | Entomo Farms http://entomofarms.com/ All about cricket flour and #cricketpowder #insectproetin #ediblebugs edible insects

How to eat yummy bugs (Recipe)--hmm... Always the minority. And how is that fair to the crickets? ..&&$%^!!??music killers

How to eat yummy bugs (Recipe)

Rachael Young grew up as a second-generation vegetarian in Vermont. Now she's passionate about eating bugs, and making recipes to make them palatable to the squeamish amongst us.

CREEPY CRAWLY PROTEIN POWDER || Do You Dare Try??  Alyssa, thank you for the terrific, thorough and thoughtful review! My favorite way to use the powder is to mix it with Hemp or Almond milk, add some fresh fruit and yogurt, and then of course, the cricket powder. I find this is the best way and tastes delicious. Just adding water is challenging but seems to have worked when adding the rice protein, now I'll have to try that! #cricketflour #cricketpowder #ediblebugs #edibleinsects…

Sustainable, Bake-able & Full of Protein. I'm giving a new kind of protein powder a try.

No Grains! Classic Carrot Cake | Healthful Pursuit

A nutrient-dense paleo carrot cake recipe that's rich in protein. Grain-free and dairy-free… made with cricket flour!

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Fire and Brimstone Mealworms - These spicy crispy mealworms will make your mouth dance with delight.

If Vegans Replaced Plants With Insects, They'd Harm Fewer Animals

If Vegans Replaced Plants With Insects, They& Harm Fewer Animals