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Military discipline

Even if A soldier is Off the Field.Army Lives within a Soldier. Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier.

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Funny pictures about Marine friends. Oh, and cool pics about Marine friends. Also, Marine friends.

Cool shock wave from the guns firing

USS Iowa fires a full broadside of nine and six cal guns during a target exercise near Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, on 1 July Shock waves are visible in the water (Photo Source: US Navy)

THIS is why I love being a military sister and wife!!! You hear the craziest stories, and see the craziest pics, then see it in real life. Nuts!

Military Humor

Miss that about military theaters, and it's a custom the civilian theaters should take up: American Anthem before shows.

Thank God for our military. In every military movie theater, you HAVE to honor our National Anthem standing at attention and Thank God for that! I wish it played in EVERY movie theater.