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Suri Polomare (My Little Pony)

Suri Polomare

Suri Polomare is a female Earth pony and the antagonist in the season four episode Rarity Takes.

My Little Pony Pillow - Rainbow Dash. $25.00, via Etsy.

My Little Pony Pillow Rainbow Dash by KitaArcherDesigns on Etsy

cutie_mark_crusaders_by_agamnentzar-d6k5xig.jpg (1116×715)

cutie_mark_crusaders_by_agamnentzar-d6k5xig.jpg (1116×715)

Mrs Cup Cake G4 Custom Pony by ~kd-230692 on deviantART

And here is Mrs Cake, the other half to Sugarcube Corner. She's a pretty interesting body to explore since she's definitely more plump than other ponies.

MLP - background

MLP Background Ponies - Imagine, for a second, that the next generation of MLP…