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A watermarble of @inthenameofpolish #hardknocklife collection that I stamped over using @mundodeunas black and @messymansion #mm20 and the watermarble tool from @whatsupnails #awesomenails

Pure Color #7 Watermarble Tool

Water marbling can be difficult without the right tool. Built specifically for water marbling, the Pure Color built upon the same aluminum body as the Pur

Expressive Rainbow Cosmetics : Arizona Muse Beauty

Expressive Rainbow Cosmetics

Love this gorgeous mani using Delush Polish's Dazed & Enthused Plate over Hello... Is It Tea You're Looking For nail polish

Dazed & Enthused - DP02 Stamping Plate

Our Dazed & Enthused plate is uniquely designed and curated, featuring fun, enigmatic patterns that can spice up any manicure! - Our unique designs are approximately and have been desig

Nail Art

Amazing autumn watermarble nails by @de.lish.ious.nails using Pure Color 7 watermarble tool from whatsupnails.com (link ...

Pure Color #7 Watermarble Tool