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Must have been in Walmart. laughed SOOOO hard at this xD i honestly cant stop laughing!

Oh, she forgot one thing. It smells like a dead person is rotting inside of you and the amount of perfumes and body mists able to cover that odor will never exist. Give this story to people that say periods are never as bad as it comes off that they are.

The most accurate definition of periods EVER. Every guy should be forced to read this, to understand a girl's pain. This girl deserves an award.

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Either I'm overtired, or this is really funny. Either way, there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. <<< Lost it at the popsicle cat

Funny tumblr post

bless his soul helping older people with technology has to be some type of low torture

How to find the vegan. Spot the vegan is becoming one of my all time favorite games.