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Lol jimin oppa

Lol jimin oppa


Taehyung is the type to buy a bottle of water and set it free in the ocean V

If they say it, it's true

If it tastes good it is low in calories? gimme that chocolate bar *__*

me2 rapmon me2

“jungkook, the one who got a on his english exam but can destroy our hearts when he does song covers in english”

hello friends, welcome to my new minecraft video

Jimin looking like a damn hot successful young ceo, Namjoon is made of boyfriend material, and then Jungkook there like "hello friends"

Please respect this boys! They worked so hard to be here...They are such small humble beans❤️...Gotta LOVE them!

Thank you Bts for always cheering us up and giving us great amazing music love you😊❤