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(Lol we should turn this into a RP; no ships) Tadashi: *demonstrating the pain scale* me: So, why are you doing this again. Tadashi: Baymax is charging, so I have to be here to help anyone who's hurt.

Baymax love kittys

Hairy Babies by Poiizu on DeviantArt - I don't know if I pinned this or not but I'll pin it again. SO MUCH HAIRY BABYS! WAY better than the 'other' hairy baby's.

#Panda #Zeichnung #Bleistift

#Panda #Zeichnung #Bleistift

hamada home life by Cheppoly.deviantart.com on @deviantART

*cries loud enough for the entire earth to hear* hamada home life by Cheppoly on deviantART Big Hero 6

If I could have one superpower right now, it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big hug ❤️

Give you a fist bump

2 spooky: Glowstick Ghost. WARNING- LONG

2 spooky: Glowstick Ghost. WARNING- LONG

2 Spooky: the Glowstick Ghost // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Disney and their ever-expanding lineup of charismatic characters continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The biggest hit of the year is Frozen with its double princess lineup, but even though Elsa and Anna are tremendously popular, when we think of Disney, the first image that comes to mind is  ...

Mickey and friends in human form are more charming than we had imagined!

O man. Yes please. ❤️ And she's even wearing a Marvel shirt. I must meet this girl.

That moment when your dad wraps one of your gifts to look like shovel, but it's actually a picture of Loki, signed by Tom Hiddleston. PS: I really was crying into the floor on that picture.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.