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thebristolboard:  Original portrait of Jack Kerouac by Robert Crumb from Meet the Beats, published by Water Row Press, 1985.

R Crumb Jack Kerouac 1985 “The one thing that we yearn for in our living days, that makes us sigh and groan and undergo sweet nauseas of all kinds, is the remembrance of some lost bliss that was.

R. Crumb

Always nice to hear tell of any new sightings of Robert Crumb 's work, especially if it's a bit off-the-beaten-path.

Robert R. Crumb

Glenn Head, whose Chicago is out from Fantagraphics, pays homage to the master of underground comix.

Robert R. Crumb

Robert Crumb Art & Beauty Magazine Illustration Original Art (Kitchen Sink Press, This charming - Available at 2011 August Dallas Signature.