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Woman wearing gloves, also known as The Parisienne - oil on canvas, 1883


Emotional Dripping Ink Drawings on Old Books

Fashion Magazine Covers - Online Archive for Women (Vogue.com UK) JANUARY 1962

Vogue Magazine

Helen Jameson Hall Illustration.

Vogue Cover - December 1932 Poster Print by Carl "Eric" Erickson at the Condé Nast Collection

Lorraine Christie

Lorraine Christie

Fashion Timeline : 1820 to 1830  As the Romantic era arrived, clothing became more complex and increasingly structured. The previous design simplicity was replaced with decorative excess. Horizontal hem treatments added focus to skirts. Wide lapels created shoulder emphasis and the sleeves and shoulders were further emphasized with extended wings. Surface ornamentation, color and print positively abounded.

1820 - 1825 Blue Silk Gown w/ Rouleau Trim - courtesy Deborah Burke, antique dress .

f Sorcerer Staff underdark goblin minions

f Sorcerer Staff underdark goblin minions

A Day To Remember by Johanna Harmon 10/4/12

Ekaterin with Taurie and Lizzie, on holiday at the ocean. (A Day To Remember by Johanna Harmon)

American painter Michael Carson

American painter Michael Carson (b. {contemporary art influenced by Toulouise Loutrec, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, Malcolm Liepke, and Milt Kobayashi}