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This wine rack, is exceedingly simple, using just concrete. Although this rack uses relatively simple elements, its simplicity would make it easy for it to place without being too eye-catching. At the same time this design is also very post-industrialist.

A concrete wine rack, slightly post-industrialist. The safety and reliability of the Wine Rack is queried. Dimensions of wine must be exactly the same as the rack to fit.

Resultado de imagen para iluminacion antigua

Resultado de imagen para iluminacion antigua

Love this project, but I would cut the other side of the form so the letters (so they are flipped) are poured from the front and not the back to avoid the ridges in the letters.:

DIY Cement Letters - you could make stepping stones for your garden that spell out a word!

【3D連結構件】一個小構件,發展無限大 – inplus 3D列印良品

Vandasye's laser sintered seat is mostly made of wood but is mounted and reinforced underneath with printed parts. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

dalwood planters

concrete planters made by Kathy Dalwood # ornament

Renzo Piano -  Pinned by www.modlar.com

“Welcome to the truth of our world-a massive seed shot out to the stars, filled with deadly.