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The Godfell Stone D Next Sessions 1 & Skytop and Beacon


An interior illustration of a late Medieval Irish tower house castle


One Hour Dungeon Map

With all the attention given to one-hour dungeon maps, I thought I would actually try my hand at actually timing myself while drawing a map. The trend was started with a dungeon map over at Planet …

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With some hidden stuff. Cutaway drawing done a few months back. May not look like much, but it was pretty fun to do Mercenary Listening Post

BritishArchitectureBook - Harlech Castle

Castles could include a warren of houses and shops, as well as its tradional parts shown here. The houses and shop could be built against the castle walls, or if there was enough space in the center, there.

Was going to post some more stuff about the last map I posted, but I can’t find the sketchbook that had those notes in it. Watch this space. This location could have a number of uses in an ongoing...

Thieves' Guild Hideout Not just a map, but pretty much a playable adventure. Excellent illustration, and a rich…

patchpaws: “I found this very useful. Sometimes it’s great to have a visual aid of the layout of the settlements, towns or cities where your stories develop. It’s good to have an idea of the distance...

How To Design A Town Map mapping map catography painting drawing resource tool…