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Naruto ^^ Boruto The movie. They will never have the bond sakura and naruto share

Frogception.<- Well, ... They're I don't know. Sounds weird tbh


Sakura : " Kakashi , pourquoi vous couvrez vos yeux sharingan tous les jours ?? " Kakashi : " Je ne voudrais pas copier accidentellement votre inutilité ... " Burn !

Kakashi & Sakura - Sakura: "Kakashi, why you cover your sharingan eye all the day?" Kakashi: "I would hate to accidentally copy your uselessness.- OK this is really funny but sakura is only use is Naruto not Naruto part 2

SasuSaku is real, bitches.

Can someone tell me where this is from, like Naruto of course but a movie or?