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˚Dragonfly Flower, they spend the night on these dried branches and camouflaged as flowers - Myanmar

SO BEAUTIFUL! Their bodies look like tiny branches and their wings look like leaves on this tree! Dragonfly Flower "These dragonflies spend the night on these dried branches and camouflaged as flowers.

ヘビ「今日はいい魚が手に入ったぜ」www - おもしろ画像まとめ:だらぴく

ヘビ「今日はいい魚が手に入ったぜ」www - おもしろ画像まとめ:だらぴく

Look into my eyes.  Remember to tell your children some day what you have seen. My world is diminishing around me as we look into each other's eyes. Goodbye my friend, do not forget me!♥  :-(

In this picture a child is frightened of a menacing polar bear pressed against the glass. "Me bear, you food" the bear says. He then proceeds to break the glass.

Do more of what makes you happy... (downloaded from Facebook)

“Kung Fu Frog” – Batam Island, Indonesia – Shikhei Goh - Featured Photographer Need a good laugh today. Look out Kung Fu Panda

Morning dew and rain covering this bush.  June 13, 2012 - kfaella

Morning dew and rain covering this bush.

Fluffy Baby Gorilla  Hair-raising: This youngster isn't quite sure whether the permed look suits him

Gorillas in a frizz... or how the early morning mists play havoc with their hair-dos

Photo by Bruce Yates of a Lemon Shark, taken in   the Bahamas.

Underwater Reflections focuses on wildlife photography by nature photographer Bruce Yates. From hungry sharks and bears to graceful dolphins and beautiful corals, photos from around the world capture the viewer’s imagination!