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Thug life.... It's whatever xD

Thug life.... It's whatever xD

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You All i could think about is jensen (dean winchester)

Personality traits based on eye color - Green Eyes. My green eyes were the first thing my husband noticed about me he's always called Bright eyes♡♡

Love how my eyes are just like this!- heterochromia, a beautiful mutation! This is just a slight form of it but I love it!

Lynda Olsen green eye with Central heterochromia. Iridium Heterochromia // my eyes look exactly like this .

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows As a Miami Makeup Artist, I know that properly shaped eyebrows are a an important element in the overall look and expression of your face, as they frame your face and can.

The Best Makeup for Green Eyes

Weekly Wedding Inspiration: 15 Fresh + Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

Do you have green eyes? This post is for you! Check out all the best makeup colors to help your green eyes stand out. (I don't exactly have green eyes. I have greenish hazel eyes.

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"Her eyes were exactly like mine. A deep brown right around the pupil, that faded into a pine tree green. It was the only quality that I actually liked about myself, when I was young I got compliments day and night about my eyes.

Green eyes are my favorite. The most rare eye color-estimated only 2% of the worlds population have green eyes. Beautiful child.

Green eyes are my favorite. The most rare eye color-estimated only of the worlds population have green eyes. // My mother has green eyes, my father has green-blue, and I have green with light brown around the pupil. This makes me proud to have green eyes.

10 Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

10 Great Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

I cant get those beautiful green eyes, but I can get lashes like her. So can you!  https://www.youniqueproducts.com/CorinneLawrence/party/918478/view

In love with this mascara, turns any lashes into amazing ones, I used to do coats and coats and not get close to what I get with one coat of Youniques fiber lash.

Aaron Warner's green eyes, though I'm sure that Aaron doesn't wear makeup.

This audio yoga class will strengthen the muscles around and in the eyes. Helping to maintain healthy eyes. This audio yoga class is perfect to relax and refresh tired eyes.

The origins and genetic makeup associated with eye color makes the color of one's eye more complex than a simple collection of aesthetic traits. Discover interesting facts behind the color of your eyes.

Infographic: Eye Color Breakdown Guide