Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei has created this beautiful watercolor illustration series titled “Flowergirls” depicting elegant girls wearing lovely dresses made of real flowers.

[BY 디아티스트매거진] 영국에 살고 있는 평범한 주부가 그린 아름다운 일러스트가 화제를 모으고 있다...

As a rather ordinary Mum of I dreamed of a life where I could wear beautiful dresses, made from the florals and botanicals that inspire my art every day.

Grace ciao

Grace ciao is a fashion illustrator residing in Singapore, who creates alluring designs using real flower petals. Grace loves flower petals, design paints, sketches and illustrations of different t…

paper, ink & flowers

Lim Zhi Wei, based in Singapore, transforms colorful flower petals into beautiful dresses for her cute sketches. Art with flowers