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“ Halo: New Blood [x] ” An ODST sequel of sorts has been announced in the form of a digital short novel coming March this year - just over a month from now! “ While Spartans get all the glory, no.

File:MonaLisa ominous.png

File:MonaLisa ominous.png

Halo ODST Remastered for Halo MMC

Halo ODST will be remastered for Halo Master Chief Collection next year as an apology for a poor release of the broken game.

HALO: Charity Auction image by *Cryptcrawler on deviantART

HALO: Charity Auction image by Cryptcrawler on DeviantArt

c8cbc2aa2245c57cbefaed1b6787509c--odst-armor-halo-odst.jpg (480×853)

c8cbc2aa2245c57cbefaed1b6787509c--odst-armor-halo-odst.jpg (480×853)

Fifty Caliber | Canon Fodder | Community | Halo - Official Site

This week we celebrate 50 issues of Canon Fodder with new Universe content, a peek into Halo development, and more!

HALO - Squad 'Graves of Ghosts' by biduke

original concept and refs by this is a commission for introducing " Graves of Ghosts " is an ODST squad of eig. HALO - Squad 'Graves of Ghosts'

Hope in Despair by LordHayabusa357.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A lone Female ODST separated from her squad looks towards the devastation of a megacity during the Human-Covenant War. Hope in Despair