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yes. they've officially ruined my life (in a good way d:). i just HAVE to meet them. They owe it to me!

In class I had to put down one of my many goals in life but it had to be something related to school-.

Im so proud of them!!! They have gotten so far and aren't stoppin now! They are my world!! Im so glad that I have made new friendships through them and have been able to meet people just like me!! They make me laugh everyday!! There has been drama, but it soon fades away and we remember why we became a Directioner!! I just love them sooooooo much and I always will!!  #Directionerforlife

I can't believe its been 3 yrs! We're so proud of you boys!

I was ignorant of the British slang..... you learn something new every day. For what's worth, I think of guitar not genitals

Harry's face in the last one.strum in England is slang for masturbate. Zayn looks so freaking pleased with himself.

^^THIS^^ is such a pain in the ass. Everyone knows that Niall is mine. So ladies: shut it. ;)

Ikr but it's okay. I'm learning to share the curls<< never admit defeat.