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Winter Apothecary Jars

Winter Apothecary Jars

Beautiful home decor idea of using apothecary jars in your decorating. Showing ideas for a winter theme with links to other holidays and seasons ideas.

It wouldn't stay like this, though. You had to "personalize" it- which meant slapping stickers on it, letting your friends sign it, doodle on it in class.... The possibilities were endless.

Oh yes - every kid had a trapper keeper - mine had a unicorn and a rainbow on it.

SNL ~~~  Roseanne, Rosanna Dana

Loved Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseanna Danna.When Saturday Night Live was at its best!

noxema-put it in the fridge and used on our sunburn when we got home from the beach (before sunscreen was created)

My mom used to use this to wash her face every night before she went to bed. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing her with this white stuff all over her face. Later, I used it too and loved the clean way it made my face feel!

Vintage Barbie Case and Clothes

Vintage Barbie Case and Clothes Recognize that dress anywhere and those plastic hangers. Loved to take out my Barbie & Case full of clothes to play Barbies!

Art . old-school

This was my favorite perfume when I was around middle school age. I still love the smell :)

Maybelline Kissing Potion, 1970s

Young Kim Basinger for Maybelline Kissing Potion (1975

Hours of entertainment back in the day.

Toys from the 70’s

Waterful Ring Toss Water Game - toy from the (Bing Images). I used to play with this for hours (well, not hours) during long car rides and rainy days at camp when I was couped up inside.

That's true we really did salute the flag back then. now nothing is allowed anymore.

Daily Pledge of Allegiance in school. I remember when the words, "Under God," were added to the Pledge when I was in elementary school in the

This was always an awesome day in school!

Biker Shorts And Big Bangs: 15 Signs You’re An 80’s Baby

Oregon Trail on original Apple Computers. Someone please say they remember this back in Elementary School, besides me!

my favorite ones were scented and you could buy them in the school office for .10 cents

"Bazic" Push-A-Point Pencil 10 in Pack

Push-A-Point Pencils- loved these but if you lost one the whole thing was out of action ha!

Back in the day, THIS is how we rolled!

Funny pictures about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Oh, and cool pics about Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple. Also, Life Before Cell Phones Was So Simple photos.

The book fair! !!

Funny pictures about Scholastic book fair. Oh, and cool pics about Scholastic book fair. Also, Scholastic book fair.