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On duty you must look smart - never painted. WW2.    Then as now ......  Lipstick can help define women from men !    hahahaha

"the uniform lipstick" WAR, WOMEN AND LIPSTICK - The slogan for Tangee lipstick during World War II. The tubes were refillable.

There's no information available about this photograph, but you'll note how intently the kitten is watching the soldier take aim! It's an incongruous combination, the cute kitten and the deadly weapon. For more: www.elinorflorence.com/blog/wartime-animals

["Puddy Tats Go To War! (and other Feline Adventures), page

WWII rationing. this would be a solemn, yet amazing wall hanging to help us remember.

I have 66 clothing coupons to last me one year. What will my ration buy me? Compared with the value of any individual garment, 66 coupons seems like plenty. But to look at it another way, how many .

Food Comes First. US. USDA. GPO. Artist: Glenn Grohe. c. 1943.

30 Political Propaganda Posters from Modern History

30 Political Propaganda Posters from Modern History - Speckyboy Design Magazine

World War II ends.

Front page of "The Democrat" newspaper, "War in Europe Ends!