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Totally me right now

Totally me right now

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Best line from doctor who season finally. I'll miss you Matt Smith

I totally love River Song. River Song, a psychopath engineered to kill the Doctor who totally married her :)

Yeah, heart of stone and it brought a River down my cheeks. Funny how real life doesn't do that, but a series like Doctor Who can. Never have worked that out. If I had counted every tear I cried for ten, I would be able to water a Rose or two. Who doesn't cry when ten is sad??

David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

DAY 11 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Cry “The End of Time” – I don’t want to go! I cried several times during David Tennant’s final episode of Doctor Who, but it…

Doctor Who

That time that "The Governor" from The Walking Dead was on Doctor Who. Ten's sarcasm in this scene was perfect

Doctor Who i get it....

I see what you did there. It would be funny if someone said, on a scale from William Hartnell to David Tennant how excited are you for Doctor Who, Matt Smith

No one loves her less for that. Cause she is the best ever.

It really pisses me off when people call him Doctor Who but Catherine gets a pass because she's awesome. <<< exactly my thought. I love her

Don't. Blink.

Fun fact: when marble is touched by someone's hard it leaves a bit of an oil deposit on the marble, and if enough people touch it, it gets a yellowish tint to it.

That's what I'm screaming! You can't judge Doctor Who by the first episode!

You can't judge Doctor Who by the first episode!<<< hop into the TARDIS for some puh puh puh pizza