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Naww so cute❤️

Hugging a baby lion/cub, and burying face in the crevice of the startled animal.

Cute kittens (20 great pictures) 13

Cute kittens (20 great pictures)


The best part about singledom is the freedom, while the worst part is the occasional loneliness. Both sides of the grass — singledom and cou.



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baby deer. I want one  ....oh wait, I have one ;)

deer do not abandon their fawn because of human scent, that's a myth. stop telling me i killed a baby deer omfg.

Nobody expected Dominique Weasley to bring a tiger kitten to Hogwarts - she stated her letter had given her permission to bring a cat. Submitted by: LadyNimea

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I saw a red panda <3 I love pandas so much I even have a panda pillow pet!....I hate that they're going extinct :(

There are pandas at the Memphis zoo, the National zoo in Washington DC, The San Diego Zoo and The Atlanta Zoo

I am so jealous!!! (actually, I have held a baby tiger before, but that was almost ten years ago...)

To freaking cute. Aw, I want to hold and spend the day playing with the baby tigers.